Fall Trends Series: Upcoming Trends

Fall is quickly approaching and I am so excited! Fall is one of my favorite seasons because of the cool weather, football (roll tide!), and the changing color of the leaves. Down south we have had a miserably hot summer and I am ready for cooler weather. Don’t get me wrong I love summertime, but I am excited for all of the upcoming fall trends. Since summer is ending and fall is quickly approaching I have decided to do a series about the upcoming fall trends. This first post of the series is about all of the upcoming trends and on the following post I will show you how I choose to style them.

The trends that you will see this fall are retro, flashy, and out there — I love it!! I can’t wait to create so many fun looks this season. All of the looks that I have linked below are from Zara and Mango. These are my two favorite retailers for trendy pieces at a reasonable price. I believe that you should never splurge on a trend, they are short lived so it isn’t worth the money.







Waist Belts:

Deconstructed Pieces:


Backpack Purse:

Pajama/Kimono Sets:

Retro Hats:


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