Fall Trends Series: Waist Belts & Backpack Purses

Welcome to part 2 of my fall trends series! This part is about waist belts and backpack purses (as you can clearly tell from the title). Waist belts are a trend that I kind of questioned and wondered if I could ever pull off. This was until I found this gem at H&M. It is the perfect subtle way to pull off the waist belt trend. It is much more my style than the larger waist belts or corsets. This blouse has a structured material which allows it to bustle up around the breast and shoulders giving it a dressier look.

This backpack purse has been a constant go to for me lately (as you have seen in 3 of my past posts). This style purse is everywhere for fall. It’s not very ideal to carry as an everyday purse, due to the difficulty of getting things out of it. Although, it is great for events where you don’t want to put up with carrying a purse all night

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Top: H&M // Pants: American Eagle // Shoes: Free People // Purse: Amazon

As a fashion blogger the biggest advice that I can give to all of my readers is that you should never wear a trend if it doesn’t fit your style. Always stay true to yourself! If you try to dress in a way that isn’t you, you won’t be comfortable in your own skin or feel beautiful. The whole goal when dressing yourself or being styled is to make yourself feel beautiful. The trick to having great style is the ability to take a trend and mold it into your personality. This top was my way of doing that!


Krista Williams

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