Honest Review of Hello Fresh

Happy Tuesday my loves! Today I want to do a blog post that’s different from the usual and not fashion related. Something a lot of people don’t know about me is that I love to cook! It is a great stress reliever and it is also a fun cheap date night for me and Sam. I have recently graduated college and entered the real world, so going to the grocery store has not been easy for me. Hello Fresh is the best solution for this problem!! It takes the worry out of rushing to the grocery store when you get off work or having to search for an idea of what to cook. Doing this allows me and Sam to be able to spend more fun time together during the week, which is always a great thing!

We have now received three weeks worth of Hello Fresh meals and we have been nothing less than happy since we started. For the price of $60 a week you receive 3 meals for 2 people. I don’t know about you, but our grocery bill is typically more than $60 per week. So, not only are you making your life easier but you are saving money as well. They give you step by step directions and all of the ingredients are portioned out for you. This helps speed up the cooking process tremendously! Also, the food is AMAZING!! We have yet to have a meal that we didn’t love. We have had meals like mu shu pork tacos, pan-seared duck, Bolognese, chimichurri steak, etc. For the meal featured on this blog post we cooked the One-Pan Orzo Italiano with chicken sausage and it was so yummy!! It was a very simple meal to cook that only required us to use one pan (less to clean is always a plus!). It also made way more than 2 servings so we had leftovers, which are always a plus. I’m typically a red wine drinker, but for this night opted for my favorite rosé La Vieille Ferme.

In conclusion, if you live a busy lifestyle and enjoy cooking Hello Fresh is must!! Even if you aren’t a great cook it’s still perfect for you. Their step by step detailed instructions are a great way to learn more about cooking! They even give you advice on what wine would pair best with that meal.











Krista Williams

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