Cozying Up For Fall with fab’rik

Fall is my favorite time of the year! There is football, cooler weather, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and of course cozy sweaters! I am all about layering for cooler weather. It allows you to wear some of your favorite pieces year round. It has finally cooled off into the 60’s this week in Atlanta PRAISE JESUS!!! Unfortunately, this is fall weather in the south. Rather you live in the north or south, I have put together two perfect fall outfits. Each outfit is all from fab’rik and they were created through layering. I wanted to create outfits that I not only looked good in but felt great and cozy while wearing them!

The green cardigan in outfit #1 was definitely my favorite piece in this shoot. It’s so soft and cozy! It is a must have for layering in your fall wardrobe. This outfit is perfect for those crisp chilly days when all you want to do is cozy up with a cup of coffee. It is also perfect for if you decide to brace the cold and meet up with your girlfriends for happy hour.

People who follow me on Instagram probably saw how fab’rik partnered with SPANX for a fashion show two weeks ago. For the fashion show we styled SPANX arm tights and legging with our own pieces. That is the inspiration for outfit #2! This sweater tank dress is perfect for fall in the south, because I can easily layer it when it does decide to finally get really cold. For this look I layered it with the black SPANX arm tights underneath. You could also layer it with a denim or leather jacket.

Outfit #1:

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Cardigan // Tank // Pants // Shoes

Outfit #2:

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Dress // SPANX arm tights


Krista Williams

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