What To Wear to A Winter Wedding

I don’t know about you, but December is a busy month filled with weddings for Sam and me. If you have as many weddings as we do to attend this season, then I am sure you are racking your brain for the perfect outfit for each and every one of them. Winter weddings can be quite tricky to dress for, and from experience I have noticed that people this time of year tend to have more formal weddings. Well, I’ve got you covered for all types of weddings and budgets! You know me, always looking for a good deal! Especially if you are only going to wear the dress one time, which is the absolute worst.

For the look photographed below, this dress perfect for a black tie optional wedding. This dress is so gorgeous and can very easily be transitioned into the warmer seasons– so you don’t only have to wear it once… SCORE! The dress ties at the neck, cinches at the waist, has a front slit, and is lined halfway down. The lining in this dress makes it easy for dressing up or down! This dress is part of the Asher Collection at fab’rik. Every time your by a product from the Asher Collection a percentage of the cost helps a child in Africa get closer to adoption! Who doesn’t love buying from a company that gives back?

Below I have linked multiple dresses/outfits perfect for any upcoming weddings you are attending!

     Image-1    Image-2    View More: http://kellylane.pass.us/fabrik17

   Zara: $59.90               ASOS: $103                   ASOS: $:64                fab’rik: $92


Krista Williams

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