New Year, New Fashionably Real

2017 was a crazy year for me! It was a year of many milestones and big life changes. I graduated from college at the University of Alabama with a degree in Fashion Retailing, moved to Atlanta, got engaged to the love of my life, and landed my dream job in e-commerce at fab’rik. It is so crazy how much things have changed in just a years time. With all of this constant change, life has been quite hectic. This has caused me to put Fashionably Real on the back burner, and not give it the time attention needed. Juggling a full time and blogging was much harder than I had ever imagined. So I figured with the start of a new year, what better time is there to jump back into blogging with full force! I have missed it terribly, and I am ready to find a new groove that we will help me to balance my work life and blogging.

I kick started this resolution by revamping my website, it was time for a fresh start for Fashionably Real. I will begin posting more regularly, as I did before my hiatus. Starting a full time job really has made it difficult to always have content and time for photoshoots. This is something I am going to work harder at this year! I will also make sure to do more wedding related post. I will do outfit posts for all of my wedding events and try to give my fellow engaged ladies some wedding planning advice as I go along the process.  I haven’t done much planning yet, but that is another one of my many new years resolutions. Lastly, I am going to attempt to test out more trends and push my style to new limits!

I am excited to see everything that 2018 has in-store for Fashionably Real!




Krista Williams

Blazer // Pants // Shoes

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