Parisian Inspired Look

This weekend I stumbled upon a little piece of Paris in Atlanta that was perfect for a photo op! Lately I have been noticing a shift in my style. I have been leaning more towards more of a Parisian vibe. Parisian women always look so stylish and trendy, and pretty bad a** if you ask me. Why wouldn’t you want to look like and feel like a bad a**?

The plaid pants in this post are amazing! They are extremely high waisted, creating a very flattering look (and holds in your food baby). They transform any simple outfit, into a trendy ensemble. So these pants are basically a fashionistas dream! I am wearing the coziest/warmest sweater ever made! This sweater can truly be worn with sweatpants, or dressed up like I did with these trousers. Since we have had such a miserable winter in the south this year, this sweater has been a must! Both of these pieces are from H&M and very inexpensive! I feel like almost everything I have purchased recently has been from H&M, but their selections have been SO GOOD lately!

I had a lot of fun putting together this blog post and editing my pictures differently. I have been wanting to change things up lately with my photo editing and figured this was the perfect chance! I hope that you all enjoyed the different vibe!

Sweater // Pants // Boots // Sunglasses


Fashionably Real

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