Current Favorite Beauty Products

I am learning that the older I get the more I care about beauty products! I use to always use cheap makeup, never washed face, and wouldn’t spend money on skin care products. I also never had acne growing up, until now. This has kind of forced to me to start caring about my skin and being more aware of what I put on it. As much as it pains me not to buy the cheap drugstore beauty products (don’t get me wrong I still us e.l.f eyeliner and lipsticks), I have really seen a difference in my skin since switching. Below I have listed my current 6 favorite beauty products.

  1. WHISH MUD MASKThis product works miracles on acne and black heads! I use this mask every other day, and it leaves your skin crazy smooth. It works more as a scrub than a mask, which I prefer because it takes less time than a mask.
  2. CREMO SHAVE CREAMShaving cream is something that I have not used since I first began shaving my legs. I received this product in a subscription box and I am obsessed. I randomly began getting horrible razor burn, and this product completely eliminated that.
  3. SMASHBOX PHOTO FINISH PRIMERThis face primer is so great because it has a shimmery tint to it, creating a glowing look. My skin can be very dull at times times, so I love how this product can create a natural glow while helping my make up stay fresh longer.
  4. DERMABLEND LOOSE SETTING POWDERI have very minimal when it comes to make up, which makes this translucent powder perfect for me! It help set my foundation without adding a caked on look, but helping keep a more natural makeup look.
  5. MOLR C + C TEETH WHITENINGI was very skeptical towards charcoal teeth whitening, I mean who wouldn’t be? I am now OBSESSED! I saw results from using this product almost instantly. A small disclaimer though, this product is extremely messy, and I recommend wearing clothes that you don’t care to get messy when using the product.
  6. FOREO FACE SCRUB BRUSHThis is a vibrating brush that allows you to get a deeper. It also works as a great exfoliator! I have another vibrating face cleanser, but it is bulky making it hard to pack for travel. This brush is awesome because it is compact, and easy to take with you on vacation!


Krista Williams

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