Cool Girl Athliesure

Raise your hand if you wish that you could wear sweats every day… Let me raise all four extremities, because I have would live in sweats if that was socially acceptable! Unfortunately it’s not, but there is nothing wrong with rocking an athliesure look every once in a while.

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How I Fight the Sunday Scaries

Are you someone that weekly suffers from the Sunday scaries? Do you spend your Sundays just dreading the rest of the week to come? Well, today I am showing y’all how to fight those negative thoughts!! I have just recently started LOVING Sunday’s. They are now one of my favorite days of the week. I am going to give y’all some ideas of activities for you and your significant other or friends to do on Sunday, and of course show y’all how to look great doing it!

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Back to the Basics


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To be considered as someone with great style you don’t always have to be completely decked out in current trends. Sometimes to look great you just need a classic look. My favorite down the basics look is a plain white tee, a great fitting pair of denim pants, and then a show stopping shoe.

I believe that the best way to style any outfit is to stick with one trendy piece. This allows a person’s eyes to go straight towards your staple piece, which for this outfit is my all time favorite snakeskin ankle boots from Urban Outfitters. I received these shoes as a gift for Christmas last year and I have not stopped wearing them since. Unfortunately, since I did get these shoes so long ago they are no longer available. BUT, luckily for you I found a pair that is almost identical to mine!

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Cropped denim flares have been a favorite of mine lately. Although, I have extremely long legs and finding a pair that fit and hit at the right length have been a challenge for me. So I took matters into my own hands! These cropped jeans were a thrift store find that I cut off myself, and I am in LOVE with them. Also, you just can’t beat a pair of pants you only paid $4 for.

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This top is a great twist on your basic white tee. I love the tiny details that help make it a little bit more interesting. This top was from American Eagle originally but it is also sold out, but I was able to find an identical one at Forever 21.

For my purse, this Tory Burch handbag is another oldie but goodie. It’s a great small and simple handbag and it’s the perfect size to just hold the necessities. This purse is quite expensive and I don’t tend to buy pieces that cost this much. BUT it is a classic piece that will go with everything and you don’t ever have to worry about it going out of style. I have had mine for 4 years and I still carry it on the reg.

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Krista Williams

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