Summer Shoe Trends

Shoes have the power to bring together and recreate an entire outfit. This is something that took me some time to learn. I use to think that shoes were the least important part of the outfit because it wasn’t the first thing that people saw (man was I wrong!). Shoes can easily be the staple piece of your outfit, especially with the unique shoe trends that are big right now. So I decided to do a round up of my favorite current shoe trends. Something that you will probably notice is that there is a pattern within the shoe styles that I chose; which is that they are mostly all casual and comfortable. This is because I am a true believer in never buying shoes that look good but murder your feet. Comfort should always be key!

IMG_4397 (1) (1)

Trend 1: Espadrille platform sneakers, which were featured in my most recent post about the Sloss Music & Art Festival. These shoes are extremely comfortable! When I bought them I was actually unsure about them, but I have caught myself wearing these pretty much every day because they go with everything. They are perfect to wear with a casual slip dress, blue jean cut-offs, or with a pair of culottes (which is how I styled them above).




      14828311285563241393         Image-1 (1)       STEVEMADDEN-CASUAL_KARMA_TAUPE-SUEDE           STEVEMADDEN-SNEAKERS_HAMPTON_WHITE_SIDEImage-1

Trend 2:  Loafer mules, which is an easy favorite of mine. This trend has really blown up this summer, although it has been a year long trend. There are so many versions of this shoe as well; rather it’s a different color or pattern. These are perfect Gucci dupes, and I am constantly getting asked if they are real. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have $900 to drop on a pair of shoes, so these are a great alternative. You can style these shoes with almost anything. Although, denim is my favorite thing to pair them with because they help dress up a casual look.




             silver-metal-trim-flat-mules       14761497529991221323        Image-1 (7)      Image-1 (8)   449007-pink-40b76a5a-

Trend 3: Flatform sandals, these shoes were also featured and styled on my 3 Favorite Zara Outfits post. This is a trend that I am 100% on board with! Since I am naturally tall I have never really cared for heels (my lanky legs have always struggled in them). Flatforms are a great alternative heel for people who normally don’t care for heels, they are easier to walk in and way MORE comfortable. They are also very versatile. You can dress them up by wearing them with a dress, or dress them down with a pair of jeans.


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khaki-embroidered-wrap-ankle-flatform-sandals      Image-1      1465783352831076680      grey-snake-print-lace-up-flatform-sandals       Image-1 (1) 

Trend 4: Slides, this shoe trend literally comes in so many different shapes, sizes, patterns, & colors. You can find so many different forms of this style. They are honestly just a more unique version on sandals, but it works. My slides in the pictures below were only $8 from Forever 21 (yes, you heard me right $8!!) and are one of my favorite shoes. Sadly, this exact shoe is sold out but I linked multiple other slides below that you will hopefully find a pair that you love.

Attachment-1IMG_4443 (1)


     Image-1 (3)       Image-1 (4)       Image-1 (5)       mules-plates-roses-dores       Image-1 (6)


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